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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centres Buckinghamshire, UK

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres in Buckinghamshire are widespread, but there are limited options in the local area for residential treatment. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol counselling in Buckinghamshire, centres found in Milton Keynes, High Wycombe and Aylesbury offer dedicated services, however, only a couple have detoxification services available. If you or somebody you know is addicted to a substance, it’s important to understand the physical risks it carries before you decide on your treatment provider. If you’re likely to need residential treatment centres in Buckinghamshire, you might struggle, but detoxification and counselling are well-represented across the region.

Drug and alcohol counselling in Buckinghamshire is offered by centres in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury, as well as being provided by the rehab in High Wycombe. This means that you’ll be able to find suitable psychological support from any of the treatment providers in the area. The two centres in Milton Keynes have a harm reduction focus, which means they try to reduce the risk done to the user as much as possible, even if complete abstinence isn’t a possibility.

Detoxification isn’t as widely available as drug and alcohol counselling in Buckinghamshire, but it’s still offered by some centres in the region. The centres in Aylesbury and High Wycombe can work with primary health care providers if needed, which enables users to receive the physical treatments they need during withdrawal. There is a centre offering inpatient detoxification treatment in Milton Keynes, but they only help members of governmental or private agencies.

There is almost a complete lack of residential treatment centres in Buckinghamshire, but thankfully the centre in High Wycombe is able to arrange residential rehabilitation in the county. Overall, the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres in Buckinghamshire offer the core treatments users need, but there aren’t as many options for more intensive support.

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Contact Maureen Campbell
Counselling Service Maureen Campbell Counselling Services
Address Ivy House
Cores End Road
Bourne End
Email m.campbell3@btopenworld.com Maureen Campbell Counsellor
Website www.mytherapist.bacp.co.uk
Phone 01628 850 595
Mobile 07748 971 908
Services Offered

My Experience has included helping clients with a diverse range of difficulties.

These include:

* Stress
* Anxiety & Panic Attacks
* Lack of Confidence or Low self-esteem
* Work-Related Problems
* Bereavement - Grief & Loss
* Anger Issues
* Depression
* Drug & Alcohol Dependency
* Relationship Difficulties
* Feeling Stuck
* Post-Natal Depression
* Chronic Illness, both the physical and psychological effects
* Suicidal Tendencies
* Food Disorders - Bulimia, Anorexia & Over Eating
* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
* Trauma

Rates £45-£50 (£35 for low earners)


Contact Ann Morgan
Counselling Service Ann Morgan
Services Offered Counselling/Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy, mainly Person Centred. Well established and successful practice for more than 15 years. Specialising in all addiction problems, including alcohol and substance abuse.
Rates £50 per 60 minute session


Contact Jill Jarvis
Counselling Service Aylesbury Counselling Services
Address 45 Hamble Drive
HP21 8RZ
Services Offered One to one short or long term counselling dealing with abuse,anger,anxiety, bereavement, bullying,challenging behaviour, depression,eating disorders, relationship problems,self esteem, sexual issues, stress and anxiety in the workplace
Rates £35

Contact Jean Hannan
Counselling Service Jean Hannan
Address Amersham Road
HP15 7PY
Services Offered

Counselling for

* Anger Management
* Abuse
* Anxiety
* Bereavement
* Eating Disorders
* Eliminate Unwanted Behaviour
* Family Issues
* Health and Adjustment Issues
* Low Mood and Depression
* Marriage Difficulties
* Pain Management
* Panic Attacks
* Post Traumatic Stress
* Relationship Difficulties
* Self Motivation
* Self Harm
* Stress Management
* Suicide
* Work and Lifestyle Issues

Rates £40 - £60





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